Template Partners

Becoming a nsdesign.info template partner is easy and you keep 100% of your profits!

Template Partner Overview

If you're looking to build additional income from your design skills, then becoming a KCScripts template partner will help you achieve your goals! 

100% FREE to join! 
Keep 100% of your template sales revenue
Increase your portfolio of design offerings
Free partner promotion links to your website
Free dedicated partner showcase page on nsdesign.info

Get Started Today!
Getting started is easy!  Just follow the steps below and you'll be on your way of becoming an official KCScripts template partner!
Create a minimum of 6 KCScripts compatible templates.  Click here for the custom template creation information and email your templates to us for approval to partners @ nsdesign.info.
Once your templates have been tested and approved by our staff, then we will send you a KCScripts Template Partner approval email.  You will then need to create a section on your website showcasing your KCScripts compatible templates and email us the link when it's live to the public.
Once your website is updated showcasing your KCScripts templates, then we will create your free partner page on nsdesign.info and start promoting your templates and services.